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If you are concerned with the lack of experience, been refused by an airline, looking to change or start your career in the exciting world of Aviation, then we can help. Fast track your career and increase your employment prospects by enrolling in our Air Cabin Crew programme, delivered by British Airways at the London Heathrow Airport training facilities.

Heathrow Aviation Academy is a leading provider of Aviation and Air Cabin Crew practical training in the UK. Our course is developed by British Airways and aimed at candidates from various backgrounds wishing to start their new career as Air Cabin Crew by developing their knowledge, skills and understanding along with meeting the standards and requirements set by employers globally. This intensive course combines both theory and practical sessions, uses state of the art facilities and is delivered by highly experienced instructors from British Airways providing an ideal learning environment within the airport. The course is designed to enhance the chances of employment and set you apart from the competition. All candidates receive an "Award in Air Cabin Crew" produced by British Airways upon completion of the programme.

Note: The actual number of training days for the “Award in Air Cabin Crew course” delivered by British Airways is 10 full days which is conducted during weekdays, over a period of two consecutive weeks. We have packaged this as a 15 days programme which is the overall duration needed to complete this course, taking into account that there may be one / two weekends in between the training days and also factoring in the pre training arrival and Post training departure days.

Heathrow Aviation School
  • 15 Days intensive course covering a range of theory and practical sessions delivered by British Airways
  • Delivered by experienced instructors who train British Airways Cabin Crew staff
  • State of the art training facilities within London Heathrow airport
  • Increase your exposure, employment prospects globally and beat the competition
  • Customer service and employability skills training included
  • Receive an "Award in Air Cabin Crew" produced by British Airways upon completion


Delivered by experienced British Airways instructors



Course delivered at London Heathrow airport training facilities



Increase your employement prospects globally



Receive an Award in Air Cabin Crew produced by British Airways

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