Attestation of Initial Cabin Crew Training    

Fast track your career and increase your employment prospects by enrolling in the “Attestation of Initial Cabin Crew Training” course.

Award Cabin Crew The “Attestation of Initial Cabin Crew Training” is aimed at candidates from various backgrounds wishing to start their new career as Air Cabin Crew by developing their knowledge, skills and understanding along with meeting the standards and requirements set by employers. This is a 6 days initial safety training course which combines both theory and wet drills and is recognised and approved by the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the Airlines themselves. The course is an ideal entry route into the industry and forms part of the initial cabin training carried out by airlines in accordance with the UK CAA and EASA guidelines and is transferable between airlines operating in the UK and EU. The Course consists of one day pre-course study and six days in a classroom along with wet drills which are delivered in a swimming pool. This includes all the generic safety modules that are traditionally provided by the airlines, to the same professional standard as the airlines, but now available as an independent qualification.The course is delivered entirely by CAA approved partner and successful candidates receive an Attestation of Initial Cabin Training, which remains valid for 5 years.

A cabin crew job will not only give you opportunities to travel the world whilst benefiting from high earning potential but also has prospects for career development and great benefits. Recruitment within the industry is at an all time high and the best way to show your commitment to becoming cabin crew is to take the initiative and develop your professional skills and knowledge before you apply for a job. This will demonstrate to your prospective employer that you not only have the required knowledge but also have a true passion and determination to thrive in this industry!

Course Highlights & Benefits:

  • 6 Days intensive course with pre-course study covering a full range of theory and practical sessions resulting in the Attestation of Initial Cabin Crew training.
  • The attestation is recognised and approved by the UK Civil Aviation Authority, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the Airlines themselves.
  • Delivered by qualified and experienced instructors in accordance with UK CAA and EASA guidelines
  • Increase your exposure and employment prospects and beat the competition
  • Gain in depth knowledge and skills needed and fully understand the life of a cabin crew
  • Course aimed at candidates from various backgrounds and age wishing to change or start their new career as Air Cabin Crew
  • Course can be delivered anywhere in the UK and selected overseas destinations
  • Apply to any airline and demonstrate that you are their ideal candidate

Course Content:

Module 1- Aviation Regulations and Passenger Handling

Aviation language & terminology, Theory of Flight & Meteorology, CAA & EASA, CC Responsibilities & Medical fitness, Identifying areas of responsibility, Chain of Command Boarding, Arming doors, In flight and landing procedures

Module 2 - Human Factors and Crew Resource Management

A day in the life of CC, Human Factors, Attitudes & behaviours, Stress & stress management, Fatigue, Situational awareness/Information acquisition, Hudson River case study

Module 3 - Safety and Emergency Procedures

Definition/type of Emergency, Planned emergencies, Ditching, Crowd control/psychology, Turbulence, Pilot incapacitation, Decompression

Module 4 - Fire and Smoke/Survival Training

Fire indications, triangle of fire & coordination, Fire locations & generic drills, Ground based emergency services, Search & Rescue, Survival

Module 5 - (Practical) – Survival recap/wet drills/FTL

Flotation equipment, Wet drill brief, Ditching practical, Flight Time Limitations

Module 6 - Aero Medical First Aid (2 days) Session 1

Primary & secondary survey, The unconscious passenger, First Aid kits, Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation, Shock, Fainting, Eustachian tubal function, Heat Stroke, Sunstroke, Airsickness, Choking, Asthma, Anaphylaxis, Hyperventilation

Module 7 - Aero Medical First Aid (2 days) Session 2

Burns and scalds, Wounds, Fractures & soft tissue injuries, Cardiac conditions, DVT/Strokes, Emergency childbirth, Death on board, Diabetes, Epilepsy, Cosmic Radiation Circadian Rhythm/Fatigue/Sleep

Module 8 - Security and Dangerous Goods

Security Governing Bodies, Airport planning requirements, Screening, Aircraft Security, Security Searches, In flight security, Disruptive passengers, Classification of Dangerous Goods & packaging.

The Traditional Route Vs The Attestation Route

Traditional Route- Traditionally all of the required knowledge has been passed on by the airlines themselves in one big intensive course lasting typically 3-5 weeks. The subject areas are loosely the same for all airlines. But the running order, structure, and content of the initial training course has varied from one airline to another. Each airline has gained approval for it’s own particular way of doing things in the cabin, and its own particular way of training new crew. As a part of that training process, the trained crew must attain an ‘Attestation’ to say they understand the generic part of the training - i.e. the aspects of their course which would apply to all airlines and all aircraft types. Traditionally in the UK this has been included in the airline training.

The Attestation Route - A New Opportunity
In mainland Europe the process is more modular. The modern way is for crew to gain the ‘Attestation’ course themselves and then approach the airlines already part qualified. The airlines then top up that training with their own company specific procedures and then the aircraft type you are allocated to. Increasingly UK airlines are re-structuring to enable them to recruit new crew who are similarly already part qualified. It makes their training process shorter, saving them money and getting you flying quicker. This allow to have as head start over the other applicants if you attend an airline recruitment day or an interview, already in possession of this real qualification. It demonstrates your commitment to your career, proves you can pass CAA regulated tests, and makes you a much more employable candidate. We offer the ‘Attestation’ of Cabin Crew Initial Training as an independent course - Your chance to invest in your own career. This is not to be confused with other college based courses. The Attestation is a true qualification, is regulated by the Civil Aviation Authority, and is the same as possessed by all cabin crew flying with European registered airlines.

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