Industry Entry Standards

Generally a degree or postgraduate qualification is not required for entry into work as a cabin crew member. Instead, most airlines require a good secondary education with proficiency in English and Maths. Being in Possession of the “Attestation of Initial Cabin Training” will be an advantage. Applicants must be a minimum of 18 years of age to apply to an airline and must be medically fit and have a clean record. Studying a degree, HND or foundation degree in one of the following subjects may also be useful in showing the airline that you have an interest in this area:

  • Hospitality Management
  • Leisure and Tourism Management
  • Travel
  • Customer Service
Being able to speak other languages may be particularly useful and this could put you at an advantage against other candidates. The majority of airlines have a list of requirements for selection of Cabin Crew and this includes candidates demonstrating a genuine interest in pursuing a career in cabin Crew along with the following:
  • Minimum age of 18, in some cases 21
  • Good standard of health and fitness
  • Minimum height requirement of 5ft 1 inch up to maximum of 6ft 1 (this may differ depending on airlines) in the UK it is often measured as reach rather than height
  • Good hearing and eyesight, although glasses and contact lenses are allowed
  • Valid passport
  • Clean record
  • Medical examination (some airlines may not require this)
  • Ability to swim at least 25 metres unaided

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