Frequently Asked Questions


It is a real professional qualification as held by current operating cabin crew.
You cannot sit the exams or fly by law until you are 18. We would require that you are 18 or above before we can enroll you on the course. A few airlines require you to have minimum academic qualifications to be able to apply so if you want to fly for a particular airline we suggest you check their entry requirements before enrolment but typically this is English and Maths GCSE or equivalent.
Absolutely. The course forms part of the initial cabin training carried out by airlines in accordance with the UK CAA and EASA guidelines and is transferable between any airlines operating in the UK and EU.
It is 6 days full time, plus a pre-course workbook which takes a day or more before you attend.
No, not quite. Although you will be part qualified, Under EASA rules each airline must also additionally train you on their own specific procedures, and the aircraft you will be allocated to. Having this attestation to begin with and if they airlines choose to, will cut down up to 50% of the amount of training you require from the airline that employs you , thus making the process quicker. This also means the airlines have to invest less to train you as you already have the initial mandatory training in place.
Not yet all, but an ever increasing number of airlines are now re-structuring their training programs to allow for applicants who apply with this certificate in place. In some EU countries having the CCA is a prerequisite.
In theory yes.The course is heavily regulated and all modules must be passed. However, a certain amount of re-sit is permissible and unlike some airlines we don’t fail people the first time they fail a module. We are here to support and coach you through. As well as the instructors being highly experienced cabin crew trainers and training managers, uniquely some of the trainers are also qualified teachers. We are here to help!
We can certainly offer to valuable guidance when it comes to applying for jobs after you gain your attestation with us.
Please enquire with us for the current costs.
Most Airlines insist on their CC applicants being able to swim at least 25 Metres as a minimum requirement. EASA standard is that we test that they can swim in a Life Jacket and can climb into the Liferaft. We carry out all our drills with them wearing their Lifejacket throughout.
Usually 2 metres depth and it needs to be wide enough or long enough for the raft and swimming excercises 15 - 20 metres length but one or two lanes wide if an Olympic pool.
The instructor carries out the assessment at the end of each training day and combines paper based and practical testing .
Yes, we can offer a resit the following day in most cases and if possible, we can organise a different date for this subject to circumstances.
The maximum group size, we can accommodate in a group with one instructor will be 20 candidates.

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